Straits Times Article – Long Covid In Kids

Dr Shivani Paliwal, interviewed by Straits Times (published 13th March 2024) on an article about Long Covid in kids,

“Dr Shivani Paliwal, a paediatrician in private practice and head of IMC Children Clinic, recalls the case of a six-year-old who complained of fatigue three to four weeks after a Covid-19 infection.
This could have been easily overlooked, but she ordered a blood test, which showed that the child had high levels of creatine phosphokinase, indicating some stress and muscle injury. Rest was recommended.
Dr Paliwal is also seeing more cases of concurrent upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) alongside or soon after Covid-19 infection. It is difficult for doctors to tell whether the child’s symptoms are because of Covid-19 infection or the other URTIs.”

Dr Shivani is based at IMC Children’s, located in Camden Medical Centre, #14-01.

Dr Shivani Paliwal

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

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