Psychological Assessments in Singapore

Psychological assessments are crucial in understanding and addressing mental health concerns in adults and children. These assessments are comprehensive evaluations that involve the systematic collection of information to analyse an individual’s cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioural functioning. While psychological assessments are commonly associated with diagnosing psychological disorders in children and adolescents, they are equally important for adults, especially considering that certain disorders may manifest or become more apparent later in life.

Psychological assessments typically involve a combination of clinical interviews, standardised tests, self-report measures, and behavioural observations. These assessments help our psychologists identify and understand the nature and severity of psychological symptoms, contributing to formulating an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

Early detection and intervention are essential for managing psychological disorders effectively. Promoting mental health awareness, reducing stigma, and encouraging routine psychological check-ups can contribute to the timely identification and support of children and adults grappling with mental health challenges.

Psychological assessments are crucial in understanding and addressing mental health concerns in adults and children.

Psychological Assessment Types:

Comprehensive assessment aimed at diagnosing and understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children and adults. The assessment helps determine the presence and severity of ADHD symptoms, ruling out other potential causes, and provides valuable insights into how these symptoms impact an individual’s daily life. Forming an accurate diagnosis and developing tailored strategies for managing ADHD-related challenges, promoting effective treatment and support.

Assessments for children are offered in both English and French by Emmanuelle Mollet O’Grady.

Adult assessments offered in English and Mandarin with Dr Felice Soo (Psychology)

Comprehensive evaluation conducted to diagnose and comprehend Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in individuals. This assessment aims to identify the presence and extent of ASD traits, ruling out other conditions, and provides insights into an individual’s strengths and challenges. Offering a clear diagnosis enables the development of personalised interventions and support strategies to enhance the individual’s well-being and quality of life.

A detailed evaluation is conducted to gain insights into a person’s learning and cognitive abilities and their emotional and behavioural aspects related to education. It aims to identify strengths and weaknesses, learning challenges, and potential factors affecting academic performance. The assessment results inform educators, parents, and professionals about tailored strategies to optimize learning experiences, provide appropriate support, and promote the individual’s educational development and success.

A comprehensive evaluation measures an individual’s cognitive abilities and intellectual functioning. The assessment objectively measures an individual’s academic potential and strengths in different cognitive areas. The results help understand a child’s cognitive profile, guide educational and intervention decisions, and tailor support strategies to match their unique cognitive strengths and challenges.

A thorough evaluation assesses and understands an individual’s developmental progress and milestones. The assessment aims to identify any significant delays or deviations from typical developmental patterns. By pinpointing areas of concern, this assessment helps guide early intervention strategies and support services to address developmental challenges, promote optimal growth, and enhance the child’s overall developmental trajectory.

Comprehensive evaluation designed to identify and understand gifted individuals’ unique cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities. By pinpointing a person’s strengths and areas of giftedness, this assessment helps tailor educational and developmental strategies that fully support and nurture their exceptional skills.

We support proactive mental health approaches so that our patients can live every day to the fullest.

Psychological Assessments are comprehensive evaluations that incorporate the following:


Foundation Consultation
Testing Sessions which may include up to 4 sessions
Comprehensive Questionnaires (parents and teachers for child assessments)
School Visit (Optional for child assessments)
Feedback Session
Comprehensive Report with Recommendations

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