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Child & Adolescent Health Services in Singapore

child being welcomed to child health services at IMC Health

The IMC ethos is to deliver high-quality, evidence-based medicine, and we are passionate about providing expert care for every need and every developmental stage.

We have four internationally trained paediatric Doctors. Dr Bernadeta Wibisono and Dr Shivani Paliwal are board-certified in Paediatrics from the USA. Dr Gina Dahel and Dr Megha Jasm obtained specialist accreditation from the UK and Singapore.

Our GPs and Family Physicians in our other three clinics are also trained to look after children and adolescents. Some also have further qualifications and experience in child and adolescent health.

Each of our Children’s Doctors has a passion for communicating and appreciating the needs of children. Between them, the doctors can consult in Bahasa Indonesian, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Fully trained nurses support the Doctors with a paediatric focus and many years of experience. In addition, our nurses offer kindness and care from years of working with children.

Our Children’s Doctors have received specific in-depth training in child health and have a deeper knowledge base to care for children.

One of the key differentiators in the IMC Children’s service compared to other providers is the quality of care. You can make a ‘same-day’ appointment or can make an advance appointment.

Because of our years of experience, parents can trust us to give evidence-based medical advice.

Dr shivani paliwal child health paediatrician playing with children at IMC Childrens clinic

Your Family, Our Priority.

We provide a variety of Paediatric services in our Children’s and Family Clinics:

happy children patients at IMC's Paediatric clinic in Singapore

Developmental Assessments
Newborn screenings
School Medicals / Pre camp medicals
Adolescent Health Screening
Asthma Action plans
Mental Health
Mantoux Testing
Jaundice screenings
Minor Procedures

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