Telemedicine Services in Singapore

Telemedicine services are available at all of our clinics, giving patients the flexibility and convenience to consult with their doctor.
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Join the video call directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer via Platoconnect.

We want to ensure patient safety and quality of care therefore, the type of appointment will be assessed by our staff to see if the reason for the visit is suitable for telemedicine. Our staff will contact you if an in-person consultation is required.

How does it work?
Simply request a telemedicine appointment using our Online Booking system or by phoning our clinic. One of our friendly staff will be in touch via phone or email to confirm your appointment and send through detailed information on how to get you all setup and ready to join your telemedicine appointment.

For further information please refer to our Telemedicine Guidelines.

Offering consultations from the comfort of your home

Telemedicine FAQ’s

Our telemedicine service is available to all patients whereby their reason for the visit has been deemed suitable for a Telemedicine Consultation. Patients may be re-evaluated on a case by case basis to assess their continued suitability for Telemedicine consultations, at the discretion of an IMC registered doctor.

During the consultation, if the doctor feels that an examination or tests that cannot be done over telemedicine is necessary, they may terminate the telemedicine consultation and request that you come in for an in person consultation.

A smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC can be used for your Telemedicine Appointment.

You’ll need to download the Plato Connect Application from your App store.

If you’re using Chrome or Firefox browser on your laptop or desktop computer a direct link will be sent to you prior to your appointment.

Make sure your microphone and camera is turned on and please ensure you’re in a quiet, private location where able.

You may be asked to enter in your credit card details if we don’t

​​If medicine is prescribed to you during a Telemedicine consultation, the prescription or medicine may be collected by you or a person authorised by you from one of our IMC clinics. Alternatively you can choose to have the medicine delivered at a flat rate of $20 to your designated address within Singapore. IMC are unable to deliver medication outside the jurisdictions of Singapore.

Please note that some controlled medications can’t be delivered and will need to be collected in person at one of our clinics.

IMC has strict restrictions on the types of consultations that it assesses to be suitable for Telemedicine consultations. The diagnosis, prescription of medicine and issuance of medical certificates (MC’s) provided to you via IMC’s Telemedicine service (i.e. without a physical medical consultation) are subject to the IMC doctor’s professional judgement and the precise circumstances of each presenting case.

Yes, if you are already set up on our Insurance Direct Billing service and have a valid credit card on file, we will only require a signed copy of the Patient agreement to Telemedicine service terms before you will be eligible to use our Telemedicine service.

Either party (either you or the IMC doctor you are consulting with) may terminate any Telemedicine consultation at any time before or during the Telemedicine appointment. Fees and charges for each Telemedicine consultation will be charged according to IMC’s existing fee schedule. Fees and charges will be determined by the IMC doctor on a case-by-case basis, depending on the matter which was discussed during the Telemedicine consultation, if/when at which point the Telemedicine consultation was terminated, and/or the reason for premature termination of the Telemedicine consultation.


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