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International Medical Clinic (IMC) has cared for Singapore’s families for over 25 years. In 1998 the concept of providing a medical clinic predominantly delivering travel health and vaccinations to the expatriate community was founded by an Australian who recognised that this area of healthcare was not available in Singapore at the time.

A year later, in 1999, the first IMC clinic opened its doors in a small clinic in Tanglin Shopping Centre. Over the first couple of years and seeing the success of its first clinic in Orchard, a second IMC clinic with two consultation rooms soon followed near Holland Village and became known as IMC Jelita.

The success and growth of both clinics were due to the large expatriate population living and working out of Asia, owing to the strength of Singapore’s strategic position and its pursuit to become an Asia business and banking hub.

With thousands of families relocated to Singapore, the desire to see a doctor, possibly from one’s home country, was very appealing. Having internationally trained doctors who could relate to the challenges of settling into a new country which many families faced, was like having your trusted family doctor “home, away from home”.

As IMC grew to meet the needs of our patients, our number of international doctors also grew quickly. It became a medical clinic not just for travel medicine but a medical clinic meeting all the family’s healthcare needs.

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IMC’s success did not stop there! By 2007, IMC had exceeded its expectations and outgrown the clinic space in Tanglin. So, together with needing to increase the doctors’ numbers, the Tanglin Shopping centre clinic closed and moved its clinic to Camden Medical Centre, where it remains today.

Our Camden Clinic is now our largest clinic, with eleven consultation rooms, 15 doctors caring for families, with a large team of experienced local and international nurses.

The Jelita Clinic also continued to grow and now has six consulting rooms and eight GPs, also supported by a strong nursing team. Both our clinics deliver care and clinical expertise to over 50 thousand patients annually.

Our story didn’t end there; we recognised that the medical needs of infants and small children required a child friendly environment.

Therefore, a dedicated Children’s clinic was opened in 2010 at the Camden Medical Centre, solely tailored to babies, children, and adolescents, led by a team of Internationally trained Paediatric doctors.

The team specialises in child development, vaccinations and general health, both acute and chronic. Today, our Children’s clinic has five consulting rooms, four Paediatric doctors and a skilled, friendly nursing team putting your children at ease from the moment they walk through the colourfully decorated doors.

IMC’s team includes three highly trained clinical psychologists specializing in various areas, equipped to conduct assessments and therapy for patients of all ages. IMC’s in-house psychologists work closely with GPs to discuss diagnoses and treatment plans, streamlining the healthcare process for patients requiring multidisciplinary care. By stationing psychologists at Camden Family, Children’s, and Katong clinics, we ensure seamless collaboration between medical professionals, leading to well-rounded patient care.

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In 2013 IMC was acquired by Qualitas Medical Group. Qualitas has a 20-year track record in primary healthcare with over 250 clinics across Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Its comprehensive primary healthcare services offer a regional platform for improved healthcare for all.

Our newest edition is our Katong Clinic which opened in 2016. We have seen a rise in demand on the East Coast, with local and expatriate families moving to the East Coast to enjoy the coastal lifestyle. As a result, Katong has grown over the past few years and has approximately 10,000 patient consults yearly.

IMC has a variety of services on offer to deliver care to your whole family.

We strive to provide the best care and consideration for patients, which means going the extra mile. Our clinics offer quality medical care in a welcoming and friendly environment. Our team speaks multiple languages to help you feel at home. In addition, we can provide various in-house services, including medication dispensary facilities, to ensure convenient end-to-end medical services.

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IMC enjoys a close relationship with the Australian and New Zealand community in Singapore with many Australian patients. IMC provides a Health Talk at the ‘Thriving in Singapore’ events hosted by ANZA throughout the year. In addition, ANZA delivers multiple sporting, cultural, charitable and social opportunities.
Beloved Bumps
Beloved Bumps
Beloved Bumps provides antenatal classes designed to be fun, interactive and informative. A UK-trained midwife teaches classes with external guests invited to provide insight into specialist areas. Part of the Beloved Bumps essence is providing an unbiased viewpoint – giving parents all the options. Beloved Bumps will ensure you are prepared for your newborn baby.
Established in 2006, HealthServe is an IPC registered charity that advocates for a society where every migrant worker lives a life of health, wellbeing and dignity. As a medical NGO, we seek to bring hope and healing to the disadvantaged migrant community through the provision of holistic health and social care, from medical, dental and mental health services to other forms of social assistance and education programmes.
Innoquest provides diagnostic expertise through ground breaking technology and advanced diagnostic testing methods. Merging with Quest labs in 2021 to form Innoquest, they now operate from seven facilities in Singapore.
Based in Camden Medical Centre, Smilefocus has provided excellent dental health for the whole family for over 25 years. They offer a comprehensive range of services and have a Paediatric specialist team.
SWI Clinic
SWI Clinic
Specialist Women’s Imaging Clinic & SWI Clinic is a dedicated women’s imaging centre that caters to the needs of women, with a subspecialty in breast imaging care. Offering high quality imaging and interventional services in a timely and women centric environment.
Swiss School
Swiss School
Swiss School Singapore offers a unique learning experience to their students. A boutique family-orientated school located in a lush environment, protected from the busy streets of Singapore. The Swiss School offers an oasis for children to enjoy and explore, providing a holistic primary education foundation for students. IMC works with the Swiss School to provide medical care and assistance to the students and teachers.

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