Why you should get your flu vaccine

In light of the current health situation with COVID-19, we gently suggest patients consider the flu immunization for themselves and their family.   It is beneficial as it decreases the likelihood of the individual from contracting both flu and COVID-19 at the same time (please note it does NOT protect the individual from COVID-19), which could then take a significant toll on one’s immune system and increase the likelihood of other complications.

The flu vaccine is usually recommended for everyone, but in particular age 6 months to 5 years, above the age of 65, pregnant women and those with pre-existing health conditions eg. asthma, diabetes, compromised immune system.

The current vaccine in stock at IMC is the 4-strain Southern Hemisphere 2020 vaccine, which complies with the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation.

WHO also currently recommends that the flu vaccine should be taken every 6 months (rather than annually).




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