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Dr Dex Khor

Dr Dex Khor is a native Singaporean who trained and practiced in the UK. He lives in Singapore with his wife  Natalie and his two children.   Dr Dex is a regular volunteer with the Singapore Grand Prix Medical Team and his hobbies include cooking, flying RC planes and playing on his home flight simulator. Dr Dex will be joining our Katong Clinic.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Growing up in a medical family, we used to run into my Dad’s old patients when we were out shopping or eating. I saw in my Dad a sense of quiet satisfaction in seeing his patients healthy and happy outside of the clinic. That’s the same satisfaction I get now, too.

What’s your top tip for calming upset children?

It’s a team effort. The parent-child bond is my greatest ally, and as such I always enlist the help of caregivers. When a parents problems are heard and their anxieties are lessened, the child tends to catch that “vibe” and become calmer. Warm hands are also a must!

You lived in London for a long time, what’s your favourite part of London?

I liked walking along the South Bank, starting from St Thomas’ Hospital opposite the Houses of Parliament, then downriver past County Hall, The Tate Modern, London Bridge, City Hall and ending at Tower Bridge. With a detour down to Borough Market for lunch.

What do you do with your time off?

After the kids go to bed, I spend the evening on my home VR flight simulator. Ever since the borders closed, it’s been great to be able to take virtual flights and visit landmarks all over the world.

What is on your lifetime bucket list?

To get a Private Pilot’s License for real!

You volunteer on the Grand Prix’s medical team, what’s the most interesting thing that happened?

Getting assigned to the Pit Lane Medical Team two years in a row was a great experience. We stand right opposite the garages and get to watch the pit teams up close. Fingers crossed this year’s race is a go!

When we are allowed to travel again what is your first holiday destination?

My vote would be Hokkaido for the powder. I’m a terrible snowboarder, but I am always improving…

What’s your favourite place to visit in Singapore with your children?

Weekends at Colbar in Wessex Estate. The food’s alright, but the main attraction is the greenery and especially the chickens, when they come out to forage.

Dr Dex Khor will be in our Katong clinic. Click here to make an appointment.


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