At IMC we can offer children specified emergency care (which may mean you can avoid A & E). See below the list of treatments we can offer. If you are not sure please call the clinic:

  • Simple lacerations – stitches, closure of cuts, wounds and lacerations by stitches, glue or steri-strips
  • Removal of stitches
  • Dressing and after care of wounds
  • Burns management
  • Incision and drainage of abscess
  • Cryotherapy – treatment of warts, calluses, molluscum including aftercare
  • Diagnosis, in-building x-ray and primary management of fractures including splinting
  • In clinic ECG – for heart screening
  • Lung function tests for asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Ear syringing
  • Foreign body removal from nose or ear
  • Diagnosis and management of corneal (eye) abrasions
  • Management of dehydration – oral and intravenous
  • Intravenous and intramuscular antibiotic administration – for ongoing post hospital care


If you are not sure please call us for an assessment with our trained nurses. IMC Children’s – T: 6887 4440 or send us any photos [email protected].

Please note our office hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday and Saturday 8.30 – 1pm.


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