Telemedicine Guidelines

Telemedicine Guidelines

This statement sets out the Telemedicine guidelines for International Medical Clinic (IMC) (the “Practice”, “Us” or “We”), its subsidiaries and associated companies. To ensure patient and provider safety, IMC and their registered doctors providing Telemedicine services are required to comply with the SMC Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines (2016 Edition), and may take reference from the National Telemedicine Guidelines (“NTG”) issued by the MOH in 2015. IMC will continue to monitor and adhere to any future regulations and guidelines imposed upon us.

In summary, the diagnosis, prescription of medicine and issuance of medical certificates (MCs) provided to the selected IMC patients via IMC’s Telemedicine service (i.e. without a physical medical consultation) are subject to each IMC registered doctor’s professional judgment and the precise circumstances of each presenting case.

Due to the nature of the Telemedicine consultation (e.g. care not delivered in a traditional care setting), IMC reserve the right to terminate any Telemedicine consultation should their assessment be that they are unable to deliver the appropriate standard of care to the patient.

Should IMC assess that it is necessary to have a face-to-face evaluation/consultation with the patient before or very soon after commencement of Telemedicine services, or if the patient is advised to seek emergency care, the patient is advised to follow this advice. IMC and/or its doctors will not be responsible for the patient’s failure to do so.

IMC reserves the right to terminate any Telemedicine consultation should the IMC doctor conducting the Telemedicine consultation decide that the minimum standards for a Telemedicine consultation cannot be met. Such examples include, but are not limited to, poor internet connectivity, poor lighting and/or noise disruptions.

IMC will not be responsible for the termination of any Telemedicine consultation on the basis that the minimum standards for a Telemedicine consultation could not be met. Rescheduling or postponement of the Telemedicine consultation will be arranged with the patient thereafter.

IMC has strict restrictions on the types of cases that it assesses to be suitable for Telemedicine consultations. By using IMC’s Telemedicine Service Terms you agree that the engagement of this service is to be operated within the jurisdictions of Singapore. For liability reasons, you agree that you will not initiate any telemedicine consultations from within United States of America or Canada

At IMC, our principal concern is, and always will be, the health of our patients. A high level of trust and confidentiality is required to ensure the confidence of the patients we serve.

This statement is provided in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Act 26 of 2012). Please note that these Telemedicine Guidelines complement, and do not limit or replace, any information provided within our Privacy Policy, and/or the purposes for which you provide the Group with your personal data which may be expressly stated in any form for submission of personal data to IMC.

In addition to our Privacy Policy, IMC and its registered doctors will conduct adequate identification checks at any point before or during the Telemedicine consultation. IMC and its registered doctors reserve the right to terminate any Telemedicine consultation should the patient fails, or fail to participate, in the patient identification check at the beginning of each Telemedicine consultation.

You consent to all terms and conditions outlined within including but no limited to;

You consent to all fees and charges applicable and agree to provide your credit card details to be stored securely on your Patient’s File.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to use of the IMC Telemedicine service by writing to [email protected].

IMC is licenced under the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act (Chapter 248) – Ministry of Health, Singapore.

When medicine is prescribed to you during a Telemedicine consultation, the prescription and medicine will either be made available for collection at one of our IMC clinics or delivered to your physical location by our designated courier service. The cost of the delivery of medications is to be incurred by the patient is a flat rate charge of $20.

Prior to any medicines being delivered to you, IMC will call via phone and confirm your name, date of birth, address and NRIC/FIN number. After our staff accurately identifies you, they will provide you with instructions on the consumption of the medicine.

If you elect to collect your prescription and/or medicine from one of our IMC clinics, the responsibility for collecting your prescription and/or medicine in a timely fashion lies with you. IMC will not be responsible for your failure to do so.

Please note that any medicine that is deemed a ‘controlled drug’ is strictly prohibited from being delivered by our designated courier service. Controlled drugs are only available to be collected in person from IMC’s Camden clinic.

If you elect to receive an outside prescription – IMC will post a copy of the prescription to your designated address (via Singpost). IMC take no responsibility in the event that the outside prescription is misplaced or damaged.

IMC Telemedicine Platform is connected by ‘Plato Connect’ – for details on how to access ‘Plato Connect’ please refer to instructions provided by IMC. Although IMC will provide you with instructions on how to download the app and join a Telemedicine consultation, as well as information on the minimum standards for a Telemedicine consultation (ie. adequate lighting, internet connectivity, a private and quiet location), it will be your responsibility to ensure that you are conversant with and comply with such instructions and information, and in possession of the necessary audio and/or visual equipment, to participate in IMC’s Telemedicine service. IMC will not be responsible for any failure on your part to do so.

Any dispute or controversy which may arise between the Parties will be governed by the laws of Singapore. Each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore for all purposes relating to this agreement.

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