Targeted Medicals

We have been caring for the international community in Singapore for over 21 years.


In addition to our Personalised Health Screenings, we also offer Targeted Medicals for those patients who are looking to address a specific need or provide a third party with health documentation. Please scroll through the list to see the various specific Targeted Medicals available – these may be for pregnancy wellness, travel health or alternatively fulfil government / employee regulations. If you think this is not what you are looking for please visit to book in for a Personalised Health Screening.

Foreign Domestic Worker

Adoption Medical

Pre employment / Relocation Medical

Immigration Medical

Insurance Medical

Permanent Resident, Employment Pass, Dependent Pass or Social Visit Medical

Pregnancy Wellness

Travel Medicine

Sports Medical

Sexual Health

Women’s Gynae

Pre-Conception Health

Children & Adolescents

Children and adolescents will have requirements throughout their life for medical examinations. These are often for third parties (immigration passes, school medicals, universities medical etc) however there may also be lifestyle points in time that also require medical review (for example travel medicals). Please review the list below and contact us directly.

Adolescence Medical

Pre-camp Medical

School Medical

Baby Developmental Assessments

Travel Medicine

Dependent Pass or Social Visit Medical

Pre-college / University Medical