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Every person working in an offshore facility must have a medical assessing their fitness to work in the offshore environment.

IMC can provide the assessment service to a large group or individuals. All Offshore Medicals Assessments are performed by UKOOA accredited doctors. This means they:

  • Have knowledge of the offshore environment and remote medicine
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, or possess a qualification in, occupational medicine
  • Have access to the appropriate examination facilities
  • Have completed an Oil & Gas UK training programme in offshore medical assessment

IMC can provide the assessment service to a large group or individuals.

We provide fast, convenient, quality care to offshore workers, divers and seafarers. Individual and group appointments are available and reports are available within 1-3 days. Payment of the medical assessment can be made through your health insurance company, on an individual basis or through corporate group payments.

We have three clinics that provide Offshore Medical Assessments – IMC Camden, IMC Jelita and IMC Katong. To make Group Bookings please contact the preferred clinic:

Our Doctors are internationally trained and have been practising in Singapore for many years. They are fully qualified UKOOA. If you would like to read more about the Doctor’s biographies, please visit Doctors.

Types of Offshore Medicals

  • Oil & Gas; Gas UK Medical Examination (OGUK – formerly UKOOA)
    • Fitness for Offshore Works
  • Fitness for BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training) Course
  • Fitness for HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)
  • Travel Advice and Vaccinations (including Yellow Fever Vaccination)
  • Alcohol & Drug Screening
  • Audiology Testing (Pure Tone Audiometry – Air conduction and Bone Conduction)

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