Now in Stock – The Northern Hemisphere Flu Vaccine

Why is the flu jab important?

It is important to have the flu jab because flu can cause serious complications especially if you are at risk. Complications of flu include pneumonia, bronchitis and occasionally even death. Flu is a viral illness and can be of different severity for different people. For most health people, symptoms of flu can be unpleasant and one should recover fully within a week or 2. However it is very contagious especially within families, as it is spread mainly with direct contact and air borne.

Who should consider the flu jab?

  • Healthy infants (above 6 months of age) and toddlers and adults over the age of 65 especially if they are travelling to a temperate climate (winter)
  • Pregnant – at any stage
  • Any chronic illness eg. asthma

What is the difference between the Southern and Northern Hemisphere vaccine?

In Singapore at IMC, the flu vaccine is available twice a year due to the 2 different hemispheres we straddle. Regardless, we advice that you only need one flu jab a year. The strains of flu between these hemispheres are usually very similar or exactly the same, so there is usually no need to cover for both hemispheres.

When can you get the vaccine?

Our next batch of flu jabs is now available. If you are interested in getting it, please contact our friendly reception staff who will book you an appointment. If you have not had a flu jab at IMC before, you will need to see a doctor first. Patients who have had flu jabs from IMC can book in a Nurse only appointment. It is useful to note that children under the age of 6 having the flu jab for the first time require TWO doses, a month apart to be covered adequately. Do plan ahead if you are travelling this Christmas!

You can book an appointment online:  or call: 67334440

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