National Electronic Health Record (NEHR)

Experience the future of healthcare in Singapore with IMC and the National Electronic Health Record Singapore (NEHR). At IMC, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and management for all your healthcare needs. By linking with NEHR, our clinicians will have a more comprehensive view of your healthcare history, particularly if you have visited a public healthcare facility. This integration enhances the delivery of holistic and streamlined care for you and your family.

What is NEHR?

NEHR is a secure healthcare portal that collects a summary of patient health records from all healthcare providers in Singapore, giving authorised healthcare professionals a complete picture of your healthcare history. This means that your doctor can access your test results, imaging reports and treatments you have had from other doctors. This greatly enhances patient safety and avoids duplication of tests and treatments. In an emergency, doctors can also quickly understand your medical history as well, raising patient safety and experience.

The NEHR consists of the following healthcare-related information:

  • Admissions and Visit History
  • Hospital Inpatient Discharge Summaries
  • Laboratory Results
  • Radiology Results
  • Medication History
  • History of Past Procedures/Surgeries
  • Allergies and Adverse Drug Reactions
  • Immunisation History

Your consultation notes are never shared, and there are rigorous protocols as to who can access your records. You can check to see if your record has been accessed via HealthHub, a national one-stop health portal, or download the HealthHub app available on iOS and Android platforms. You can also grant access to your caregivers.

NEHR system provides many benefits. It is important to note that you can choose to opt out of it. However, you need to consider that if you do opt-out, your medical records will not be available to your attending doctor in emergencies. 

We advise you to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of opting out of NEHR before making a decision.

Where can I request to opt out of NEHR?

The opt-out process needs to be facilitated at a Government Health Facility. You can visit any one of the departments listed in the table below.

Please get in touch with our staff or visit the NEHR website for more information.

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