Influenza Vaccine

The New influenza vaccine is now available.

International Medical Clinic / International Paediatric now has the new influenza vaccine for 2016 for children and adults age 3 and above. The flu circulates year round in Singapore, and we recommend everyone above age 6 months receive a yearly flu shot. This helps protect you from the flu and protects those around you who may be more vulnerable to complications from the flu — it is estimated in Singapore 500 people a year die from influenza.

If you normally get the flu vaccine for the Northern hemisphere winter, this is the same vaccine that will be used in the United States and Europe later this year. A flu shot now will provide protection through the entire 2016-17 flu season.

Please contact IMC / IPC to schedule an appointment for the vaccine. We hope to have the flu vaccine for children less than age 3 in the next month and will update our families when it arrives”

To learn more about Influenza please see our Key Fact about Influenza and Flu Vaccine

To request an appointment for your flu vaccine please click here, or contact one of our clinics

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