IMC talks: Teen Series

Teenagers can seem like a mystery to their parents as they undergo rapid physical and emotional changes.

IMC doctors are bringing you a series of talks via zoom to help you understand adolescent development, how these changes effect behaviours and what families can do to support these changes.

Wednesday 25th August 10:00
Teenage mental health, eating disorders and gender identity

Wednesday 25th August 10:00 am

The adolescent years is a time of exploration and changing self-image. Mental health and wellbeing is paramount to enable teenagers to thrive.

Dr Jacqueline Dukino will present a talk about the mental health concerns she sees in her practice, including eating disorders.

Dr Jacqueline will also speak about gender identity issues and teenage sexuality. Including how to have conversations with your child about these issues.

About Dr Jacqueline Dukino: Dr Jacqueline Dukino graduated from The University of Sydney in 1996 and was awarded Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2002. Dr Jacqueline has most recently worked near Ipswich, Queensland where her main areas of focus were Women’s Health and long term management of Mental Health. Dr Jacqueline has a particular interest in gender identity issues and domestic family issues. Dr Jacqueline has four teenage children.

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