Getting personal with our Doctors – Dr Charu

Welcome to IMC Dr Charu!

You have been practicing in Singapore for 8 years. Tell us what you enjoy about working with the international community of Singapore? 

After several years of working in the NHS as a doctor in hospitals and as a GP, I started my job with a clinic serving mainly expatriates. This was rather interesting and offered a lot to learn. I see fewer chronic diseases and more tropical illness and travel related issues now. Stress seems to be prevalent in most people’s busy lives and can trigger other health problems.

I started enjoying preventive medicine and pre-emptive health care at this stage, realizing the need for people to be aware of not just a healthy body but also a healthy mind.  The ease of accessing secondary care and the input of other health professionals has been refreshing here!

I have also enjoyed the practice of travel medicine and vaccinations with our frequent flyer, frequent traveller patients.

Top 3 Travel destinations on your bucket list?

I hope to be able to explore Australia, as I haven’t yet done that. I also look forward to seeing the beautiful temples in Angkor Wat and perhaps visit Japan in the cherry blossom season.

Why did you decide to train as a Doctor?

Most of us would like to ‘help’ the sick and needy and like many of my colleagues, this was always an underlying emotion. I was unfortunate enough to suffer a relapse of malaria around 16 years of age. It was a time of repeated illness and many days off school. During those days, we had a primary care practitioner visit me from his clinic in the blazing afternoon sun. He was always gentle, reassuring – giving me the confidence that I would eventually recover. What touched me was his dedication and his patience despite the discomfort involved and his busy schedule. It struck me that this was a job that I would always love to do and here I am!

If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Difficult question – but I would definitely travel the world. I would also put some aside for a charity for suffering children anywhere in the world (I very much doubt I will win one though)!

Before moving to Singapore you were based in Wales. What do you miss about Wales?

The beautiful drive over the hills and in the valleys surrounding Cardiff and trips to the Brecon Beacons. The green pastures with the sheep dotted all over. Daffodils at the start of spring….Welsh cakes….

What is your favourite cuisine?

Indian and Mexican.

What skill would you like to learn and why?

I would like to improve my IT skills as they are becoming an essential part of our work as doctors!

What book are you reading at the moment?

I am thoroughly enjoying a book called ‘A different sky’ written in the setting of Singapore in the 1900’s and during the Japanese occupation. The author Meira Chand explores the multicultural society that took root in Singapore at the time and her writing brings the stories to life!

Name 3 things included in your perfect day.

  • Many cups of tea
  • Perhaps a few minutes of ‘headspace’ or meditation
  • My kids around me (one is studying abroad)

 Dr Charu Narayanan is a UK trained doctor based in IMC Katong.
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