Getting personal with our Doctors…..Dr Bernadeta Wibisono

We recently sat down with our new Paediatric team member to find out a little more about her.

You have recently arrived in Singapore from Chicago, USA. What will you miss most about Chicago?

I will miss my friends, work colleagues and most importantly my family.  I will also miss the city itself – night at Belmont Harbor, Lake Michigan, the beautiful city skyline, having all the four seasons. But the transition here is easier as Singapore shares the same cosmopolitan and multiracial fabric of Chicago.

You have been working in paediatrics for many years. Why did you decide to specialise in children’s health?

I have always enjoyed working with children.  In the past I had experience as a preschool teacher so choosing to become a paediatrician was an obvious choice for me.

Have you found anywhere in Singapore that offers pizza that is as good as the famous Chicago deep-pan pizza?

No! I haven’t found deep-pan pizza because I haven’t been looking for it….. I’m more excited to try all the different kinds of local food.  Singapore is known as Asia’s food capital so I am sure when I am missing a Chicago deep dish pizza I will be able to find it here.  In the meantime, I am delighted to be able to eat durian again…..

What are you reading at the moment?

My husband is a big fan of cricket so I am currently reading a book about the sport to understand more about this game and trying to figure out what makes my husband glued to the TV for 5 days straight!

Which countries are you planning to visit now you are back in Asia?

I have always enjoyed travelling and want to see as many countries as possible. I’m looking forward to visit all of the Southeast Asian countries and Australia.

What do you enjoy most about working with children?

It is such a joy to watch babies become energetic toddlers, curious kindergartners, and eventually grow into an adolescent.  You develop a long-term relationship with families as they go through both good and bad times.  It is deeply moving to be part of their journey.

Dr Bernadeta Wibisono will be based at IMC-Paediatric on the 11th Floor at Camden Medical Centre.

Please call 6887 4440 to make an appointment.



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