Digital Brain Function Screen (DBFS)

What is the Digital Brain Function Screen (DBFS)?

DBFS is a computerised cognitive screening aid developed by Neurowyzr used to identify patients who exhibit signs of early cognitive decline or mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The test consists of 10 neuroscience puzzles and a lifestyle questionnaire.

DBFS assess the patient’s:

  • Attention
  • Immediate memory
  • Working memory, and
  • Executive functioning skills

The DBFS digital gamified test takes approximately 15-20mins to complete. 1-2 working days after the test, your doctor will get in touch with the final report.

Why should you check your brain?

  1. To prevent severe brain conditions such as dementia, mental health disorders, stroke and more…
  2. To receive early intervention – if detected early, brain decline can be reversed through lifestyle-based interventions.
  3. Maintain your quality of life – lower your healthcare costs and enjoy a fulfilling life in your later years.

If you are interested to take the DBFS assessment, book an appointment to discuss with your GP.




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