Developmental Assessments: What to expect

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Dr Gina Dahel, is based in our Children’s Clinic and provides an insight into developmental assessments and what parents can expect during their visit.

Knowing when and how often your baby should be reviewed and assessed can be daunting and overwhelming. In Singapore, the onus is on parents to ensure your baby receives vaccinations and medical checks. We provide comprehensive and detailed checkups for you and your baby at IMC.

The initial check will occur in the hospital and will be done by the designated paediatrician or pre-allocated once. After you and your baby are discharged from the hospital, you can choose any paediatrician or general practitioner for ongoing follow up. We recommend the first visit between days 5-7 of life to pick up key issues early.

After the initial review, your baby will be offered regular checkups and developmental assessments starting from 4 weeks of age.

What are developmental assessments?

Throughout the first few years of life, the brain develops and learns exponentially. 80% of our brain’s physical development happens by the age of three years. We know that these formative years are essential in laying the foundation for optimal health, growth and neurodevelopment. 

Many factors positively affect your child’s development. For example, factors like optimal nutrition, positive family relationships and a positive environment play a crucial role in maximising your child’s development by stimulating and protecting the brain. 

The first 2 years are a critical time for development and any delay during this time must be identified as early as possible. Studies show that early identification and intervention positively alters the child’s long term development trajectory. Early diagnosis can positively impact a child’s school performance and IQ. In addition, it can help to improve their physical health and reduce the risk of mental health issues. 

Each visit can also provide an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have and provide evidence-based advice on weaning, feeding and caring for your baby. 

Most visits will coincide with vaccinations. We are flexible and will tailor your child’s vaccination schedule to ensure adequate coverage for Singapore, your home country’s recommendations and travel circumstances. 

Each consultation with your doctor will take 30 minutes or longer if requested and will cover the following:

  • Discussion of ongoing medical issues
  • Identification and discussion of new issues
  • Your child’s routine including, feeding, diet, toileting and sleeping
  • Developmental Screening and Assessment
  • Growth Screening including height, weight, head circumference and BMI
  • Physical Examination
  • Vaccine review and update
  • Referrals if necessary and follow-up if required

If you’d like to schedule your child in for a developmental assessment or you’d like more information contact us today.

Dr Gina Dahel
 is a paediatric trained doctor based at IMC Children’s. Dr Gina has worked as a Consultant Paediatrician, her specialist training took place in the West Midlands Deanery where she worked at a variety of secondary and tertiary hospitals including Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

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