Contraception Options for women

contraception for women

Who needs to consider contraception?

Contraception needs to be considered in all females once they start their periods and are sexually active. This may apply from one’s teenage years, all the way to menopause. There is a wide variety of contraception options nowadays which should cater for most women’s needs.

What are the options?

The delivery of contraception is very varied, ranging from the short term options like the condoms, pill, patches and vaginal rings to longer term options like injection, implant and intrauterine devices (Mirena IUS). Sterilisation is a permanent option that could be considered in the right situation. There are also natural family planning methods which might suit some women.

Which method to choose?

Which method suits you will depend on several factors including your age, whether you smoke, your medical and family history and what other medications you might be taking. Common conditions like migraine will preclude the use of certain contraception methods.

At IMC we offer a wide variety of these options. All our doctors can offer a very comprehensive contraceptive consultation and discuss the options in more detail with you eg. how the methods work, how effective they are and comparing pros and cons of various options. Some of our doctors are also trained to fit some of these devices. We can also offer advice and prescribe emergency contraception – it is ideal that this is given as soon as possible or up to 72 hours after intercourse.

Whilst on the subject of contraception, it is also important to remember to practice safe sex to prevent the spread of sexual transmitted diseases. Using condoms is the most practical option especially in new relationships, before any laboratory tests.

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