unnamedInternational Medical Clinic, Katong Square East Coast, we offer multiple in-house services, allowing the majority of your health care needs to be conducted within our individual clinics.

MP002068Our doctors are able to perform minor surgical procedures. These include;

  • Removal of abnormal moles
  • Removal of simple skin lesions
  • Treatment of ingrown toenails
  • Incision and drainage of small abscess
  • The insertion of contraception devices
  • Minor emergency cuts and lacerations -cleaning, suture and dressing


MP001884-EditOur Registered nurses are trained to provide phlebotomy services (blood taking) to our patients.  This reduces the need for one to travel to a designated laboratory to have the service done and provides a faster turnover rate.

Registered nurses are also able to dispense prescribed medication following the orders and instructions of our doctors.  We also offer the convenience of online repeat prescriptions for existing patients via our website. This means that regular patients can conveniently top up their prescriptions from home. It is, however, important to note that depending on the type of drug you are requesting, the length of time between visits and the “doctor’s orders”, you may still be contacted by our staff to schedule a consultation.

Additional In clinic services include; ECG; Spirometry; Wound Care; Blood Sugar Monitoring; Nebuliser; Ear Syringing; Relocation, Insurance and offshore medicals as well as executive health screenings.

At International Medical Clinic we have over 40 global insurance groups and medical assistance companies that work with us to offer a direct billing service to you. This service allows our Insurance team to deal with your insurance company directly, allowing less hassle and a smooth process. For more information on our in clinic service please go and visit our website.

Insurance companies we work with

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