We are passionate about healthcare and have been supporting Caring for Cambodia (CFC) as our designated charity for over 7 years. CFC is a non-profit, non-governmental, charitable organization committed to ensuring a high-quality education for 6,400 children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They train teachers, provide clean classrooms and deliver health and welfare support.

It is impossible to teach an ill or unhealthy child and for this reason IMC supports CFC through the provision of free health checks and essential vision screenings. Our staff visit the CFC schools on multiple occasions throughout the year and deliver healthcare support.

Four IMC staff members returned from Cambodia in January where they conducted over 1200 Health and Vision checks. We asked IMC staff member Jade Hunt to tell us about her experience:

This was my first trip to support CFC and I was overwhelmed by the amazing work they do, not only for the local schools and children, but for their families and local communities.

Our trip involved visiting three different primary schools where we performed a Health Screen on each child. Height and weight were taken to calculate their individual BMI score and a vision screen was conducted to test their eye sight.

All the children were very excited to see us and be involved in the screening process. They were all full of smiles and giggles and thanked us at the end of their screening. I am extremely grateful for both CFC and IMC for giving me the opportunity to be apart of such a wonderful cause”

IMC will send staff to Cambodia throughout the year as part of our support of CFC.

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If you would like to find out more about CFC or make a donation please visit: www.caringforcambodia.org

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