Getting to know our Doctors – Dr Sue Smith

We welcome Dr Sue Smith to IMC Camden. We asked her some questions to get to know her better:

Welcome to IMC. Where were you based before?

Before coming to Singapore I was based in a rural practice near Canterbury in the UK.  I’ve also worked as a GP in central Canterbury and South London.

What motivated you to leave England and come to live in Singapore?

I moved to Singapore as a trailing spouse, though I prefer the phrase trailing talent!  My husband works in the music industry and was offered a role here. As a family, we jumped at the chance to move to Singapore to explore this part of the world and experience the diversity of the region.

What will you miss most about England?

Costco!  I thought I would miss my family but they have all taken the opportunity to visit regularly.  We’ve had a near constant stream of house guests since moving here, I think we’ve seen some of them more than we did in the UK!

What have you enjoyed most about living in Singapore so far?

I love the climate.  It’s so safe for children here and we are constantly outdoors.  My girls have learned to swim and scoot in the past year – cycling will be their next challenge.

I find it very exciting to see the wildlife, particularly the monkeys and exotic birds when I’m out and about.

Why did you train to become a Doctor?

Apart from briefly wanting to be a vet as a child, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor.  I think a lot of this is due to my nature and desire to make a difference to my patients.

You have a lot of experience in mental health. Have you seen an increase in mental health concerns in patients over the years?

I did consider psychiatry as profession but decided that general practice would give me more breadth.  I think that gradually the stigma associated with  mental health conditions is reducing and this has empowered more people to seek the help they need; I hope that this trend continues.

What is your favourite part of being a General Practitioner?

There are lots of things which I really enjoy about my job as a GP.  If I can pinpoint two, then they are meeting a variety of different patients and making a difference to them, and the camaraderie of working with a great team, not just of doctors but all support staff and healthcare professionals.

Dr Sue is a UK trained doctor and based at IMC Camden.

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