Getting to know Dr Arti Jaiswal

Welcome Dr Arti! Our regular readers know we like to get to know our new Doctors and find out a little more about what makes them tick. Here goes!

You were born and raised in USA. Compare New York to Singapore!

That is quite a question! They are both international cities with load of diversity and great food. To me, New York is the greatest city in the world with so much to offer, it is big and bold, the people are wonderfully diverse and the city requires a lot of street smarts. Singapore is smaller and much safer, and it is a lovely city to raise a family and I find it very easy and convenient.

What do you miss most about New York?

Home. My family and friends are there and they are definitely the biggest thing I miss. And a slice of pizza comes in a close second. I also miss the four seasons and my boots, scarves and hats. Yes, I even miss the winter, except for January – March, but I miss complaining about those months 😉

What made you want to specialise in Paediatrics?

I love children. Even as a child, I loved playing with younger children and being a teacher to them. I love that I can see newborns all the way up to college students. I can be a mentor to new parents and also college students. It is a blessing. I went to medical school knowing I wanted to be a Paediatrician, everything else just fell into place.

You’re a mother of twins. What have you learnt from this experience?

Twins are hard. My oldest was under 2 years when my twins were born, so that made it more challenging. And until the twins were 3 years it was exhausting. Now with 3 boys, it is less exhausting and much more fun since they have each other to play with daily. The most important lesson learned was that everything passes with time and to use my network for emotional and physical support. It takes a village to raise children and I have a wonderful village.

Tell us about a case that has stuck in your mind. Why?

Cases that stick are the ones that are emotionally difficult and I will always remember them. Instead, I will share one that has brought hope, which are in medical advances. I still remember everything about a patient I saw who was cured from sickle cell disease with a bone marrow transplant. It was amazing to be a part of such a huge success story.

You have trained medical students. What is the one piece of advise you always impart?

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Is it true NYC apartments make Singapore condos look like palaces?

Condos here are no joke. My kids can run laps around our flat.

What book are you reading at the moment?

I have always loved reading. But after having 3 kids and working, I hadn’t been able to read more than one book per year. So since I stopped working, moved here and had a helper, I have read so much, I think over 20 books in one year. The last book I read was “My Absolute Darling” and currently I am reading “In Shock.” And my recommended beach read is “Born a Crime,” by Trevor Noah – poignant and hysterical.

  • What do your do when you’re not in the clinic or hospital?

Surprisingly, since moving here, I have started running (I was NEVER a runner). I’ve since discovered podcasts and books on tape  And I always have a book with me.  I also love exploring different neighborhoods on foot in Singapore.

What do you enjoy most about being a Doctor?

There are so many reasons. First, I like to be the patient’s advocate — always looking out for the best interest of the child and patient. It is a blessing to be trusted with the health of others. I also love that I am a lifelong student. So many advances happen in medicine. The bread and butter is there, but there are always new advances to keep learning about.

Thank you Dr Arti, we welcome you to the IMC community.

Dr Arti is based in the Paediatric Clinic in Camden Medical Centre.
For appointments please call T: 6887 4440

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